Starting Fresh & Fruity


Previously I wrote my blogs on the technology blog from AMIS, and sometime I posted something on my blog at blogspot, but they where mostly repost’ of the blogs I published on the AMIS blog. So I decided to start fresh, on my own domain.

This blog will become my main blog where I write about the innovations in the integration space that are currently taking place. They are not necessary bound to Oracle, but can also be about IOT and IIOT in general. I’m also heavenly investing in LORA and beacons so you can expect blogs about these topics in the near future.

I will still write blogs on the technology blog from AMIS, but the extended versions can be found here.

Lately something else is keeping me busy. I’m writing a book about implementing Integration Cloud together with Phil Wilkins. We started in February and are now completing the last few chapters. More information can be found on our dedicated website The book is already available throught Packt Early Access if you already want to read the first few chapters.

Packt Early Access

I hope that you enjoy my blogs. Feel free to send my any questions related to the blogs.


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Robert is an respected author, speaker at (international) conferences and is a frequent blogger on the AMIS Technology blog, the Oracle Technology Network, and participates in OTN ArchBeat Podcasts. Robert is an member of the board of the Dutch Oracle User Group (nlOUG) and also organizes SIG meetups. He also works closely with the SOA Oracle Product Management team by participating in several Beta programs. In 2017, Robert was named Oracle Developer Champion, but also hold the Oracle ACE title for SOA and Middleware, because of his contributions to the community. He is co-author of the first Oracle PaaS book published, which was published in January 2017. His fascination for using the latest technology had led to the research of Blockchain to replace the currently used B2B patterns and tooling.


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