In continuation of my Year in Review blog, on the last day of 2018, I want to share my New Year’s resolutions I have set for myself in 2019. As I mentioned in my last (and only) blog I haven’t really been blogging or writing tech articles in 2018, as all my time went into my second book, but this year this will be different, and this is how.

Change in technology interests

Before listing what you can expect from me I need to address my change in technology interest. For almost 12 years I have been working on building OSB/SOA Suite type of solutions within multi-team projects. I started just after my bachelor’s degree on a big e-governance project, called WebNext, where we build a SaaS application for municipality (40+ at its top) and worked on this for almost four years. Started with Oracle ESB and BPEL 10gR3 and rebuild everything when we moved to Fusion Middleware 11g.

Once I switch working for AMIS I continued on Fusion Middleware 11g projects and later switched to 12c projects. Most people know me from the blogs and presentation I gave on this software stack. In the last years (around 2015/2016) my personal interest changed to Cloud (iPaaS), Internet of Things and most recent to Blockchain (what a surprise 😉).

I say personal as my interests did not reflect my projects at work, and some things had to change to stay working for AMIS.  I can honestly say I did not had the best time during October and November 2018.

After some internal discussions I got the space to more flexible in my work. I finished my final Fusion Middleware project in November and was given the chance to be the new Solution Architect for Internet-of-Things at ERIKS, as a colleague of mine is switching to a different project and he thought I would be a good fit as replacement.

Being a solution architect is not yet my forte, as I’m more of a hands-on guy, but as IoT is one of my interests, I was happy to take the position.

The best part is that it’s not a fulltime position at the project (only three days). The other two days I’m able spend on internal business development projects, which include pre-sales meetings (Integration, IoT and Blockchain), AMIS’ Integration practice technical directions and best of all helping set up our upcoming Blockchain label.

What does this mean for my resolutions?

This is off course the question I started with in this blog article, so below a list of all the cool things I have planned of want to achieve this year.

  • As my interest have changed to more emerging technologies, hence the name change of this blog, and my work projects are starting to follow these interests I’m going to actively invest my time in Modern API Development, Internet-of-Things, and Blockchain.
  • Writing at least 1 or 2 in-depth blogs a month on these technologies, mostly API development and Internet of Things.
  • Started a new website over Christmas, called to further promote my book’s content and to have one single source for all my blockchain ventures. Any implementation blog posts will also be reposted on this blog.
  • Besides blog articles I’m going to start my Youtube career and record hands-on sessions and my presentations and publish the videos online. I already have all the equipment since 2017, as I wanted to already do this for a long time, but did not have time / energy to start using it.
  • Started a start-up company with a friend in December 2018 to create the best social payment platform and bring cryptocurrencies to the masses, called CryptoTag.ME. Currently we are building the front-end, APIs and the back-end, but we are still looking for a ReactJS front-end developer who can help us.
  • Conferences, conferences, conferences! As always, I will continue my so-called “Rockstar” life, and travel around the world to be a speaker and/or attendee at amazing developer conferences. I hope that I can do some more Oracle Code events this year, but this year I’m also going to submit to other conferences I have never been to.      
  • Finally, I hope to become part of the Hyperledger (Fabric) open-source family, as I really want to help in developing this amazing blockchain framework. I still need to investigate how I can become part of this, and how I can start help coding, if anyone has any tips/leads/contacts please let me know in the comments  or through a DM on twitter.

As you can read a lot of resolutions for 2019. Some may not come true or even fail, but let’s look back at them and the end of 2019 in my next Year in Review.

P.S. Almost forgot 😉 … losing 30 more kilo’s and staying healthy.

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Robert is an respected author, speaker at (international) conferences and is a frequent blogger on the AMIS Technology blog, the Oracle Technology Network, and participates in OTN ArchBeat Podcasts. Robert is an member of the board of the Dutch Oracle User Group (nlOUG) and also organizes SIG meetups. He also works closely with the SOA Oracle Product Management team by participating in several Beta programs. In 2017, Robert was named Oracle Developer Champion, but also hold the Oracle ACE title for SOA and Middleware, because of his contributions to the community. He is co-author of the first Oracle PaaS book published, which was published in January 2017. His fascination for using the latest technology had led to the research of Blockchain to replace the currently used B2B patterns and tooling.


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